Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Religious Tolerance

I am going to start ranting here..i just listened to Fire Lyte...Yeah I am pretty much burning inside with hatred. I am sorry but someone should not be fired for their religion or who they are. I mean really from my understanding we were done with this stuff a long time ago. It is sickening that someone could get let go because of their religious standing. Remember Project Pagan Enough?? Yeah well it stands here and now. We also need to be accepting of other's religions NOW. If not now when? If we dont know it ourselves what is going to happen to society because of not accepting each other? Our kids wont KNOW how to treat others and hate crimes will probably increase fast and people will not be able to understand each other. It just SICKENS ME!!!!
This is America, the Constitution states that there is freedom of religion, expression, speech..
But why is this not happening??? I understand that America was a prodiminately a Christian State but it needs to STOP here and now. The predjudice needs to stop here and now.... I do not want to hear people whining that our president is stupid just because of his race, he is smart. For one example of the thing he did to really change this society was creating jobs. He is cleaning up the mess that the last president left for us. PEOPLE GET OVER URSELVES!!!!

Another topic to cover thanks to my man:
People need to stop trying to convert others to their religions, it is annoying as hell and its rude. Yeah if you say to me one more time that I am going to die for not changing to another religion I swear to the Goddess I will punch you square in the face and make you suffer greatly and I will slam your religion back, I am not usually like this but I have HAD ENOUGH of the stupidity!!! Let live those who wish in their religion and their lives dammit...Leave us alone we do not try and convert you ever!!!!
Thank you very much!!! I think I am done ranting now and I will turn it over to Rick.
Love and lots of light

Rick here, ok seriously i get everything trust me i have met my fair share of cretans undeserving of any emotion because of wut they do for their religion. like seriously way back wen we had people killing others just cuz of their race then it was life styles and now its turned to religion. come on first ammendment people ever heard of it well of course not cuz a lot of people havent gone to school havent learned wut the constitution is or wut is even written on it but the thing that gets me is even those academic scholars who are history majors or social studies majors do exactly wut people do today. they condemn people for wut they believe in and its wrong cuz they know the constitution like the back of their hand yet for some plain to see reason they dont take into account the one section of the first ammendment the is actually probably written in BIG BOLD lettering saying hey u peeps can believe in wut ever u want so go forth and believe but no who ever listens to the constitution i mean come on people its our nations foundation get with the program and if not shape up or shove off cuz i personally dont tolerate that and oh there is a little phrase that goes " wut starts with T and ends in olerance" yeah well in this line of work that doesnt apply cuz its stupid and people shouldnt be getting beat up, maimed, burned, massacred, or butchered because of wut they believe in. just give in to the fact that they dont want to be a part of ur religion heaven knos i'm not going to conform to someone pushing me around trying to get me to change my religion to wut-ever-u-believe-in-ism its just not gonna happen so like i said before shape up or shove off cuz i would like to be in a country where i can believe wut i want and not get critizised with a freaking scar on my chest or lashes on my back.

Hey its Renee Again:
Thanks hun, yeah it is stupid and we have the constitution for a REASON!!!
We are done with the era of being lashed on the back being told to believe in a certain thing. Yeah well screw it. I was brought up in a Jewish house hold. And me changing my religious views was not accepted right away then they really learned what I meant and they loved it.
I would never push my significant other to believe in what I do. If he does then fine I dont care. I am accepting of his religion as he is of mine.
Why do people go for religion and why the hell does it matter so damn much?! We are who we are and we will not change or conform just for a person's satisfaction. Again I am going back to the Wiccan Rede: Live and Let Live. DUHHHH!!!
I am also going for an unspoken Wiccan rule: Do not try and convert others to our religion is they do not wish so or if they are happy who they are. It is also THREE FOLD...YEAH I SAID IT FOLKS THREE FOLD...Your eyes can read right? And your mouths can speak and your ears can listen to what I am saying. Three times bad and three times good. We are suffering three times bad and three times good of what we do to others. So is everyone else. Wicca/Paganism is not alone in this. People need to open up their damn minds already..It is disgusting me to NO END...!!!!

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